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What is Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy?

Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy

Delta Airlines is one of the world’s most renowned airlines from the US. The airline sets out a clear cancellation policy. But you need to read it and if you still have questions in mind you need to ask them from the customer care team of Delta Airlines. However, the common rule with any airline is that the sooner you cancel your flight ticket after the initial booking you will get a full or more refund as compared to the canceling closer to the departure date.

What is the Cancellation Policy of Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines follow 24 hours rule and make cancellation easy for the passengers. You can cancel offline and online. Here is the Delta Airlines cancellation policy in brief:

  1. If you cancel your flight within 24 hours of the initial flight booking you will be eligible for a full refund irrespective of having a refundable or non-refundable ticket.
  2. After 24 hours whether you will get a refund or not and how much will you get depends upon the fare category you have booked your ticket in.
  3. If you have booked your ticket in the “basic economy” class and you cancel your flight ticket after 24 hours you will not be entitled to get any refund.
  4. If you booked your flight ticket in a non-refundable fare category other than the Basic economy and you cancel it after 24 hours or within the 24 hours of the scheduled departure of your flight, you will be charged a remaining value – ($200-500) as cancellation fee.
  5. If you booked your flight ticket in the refundable/flex category and you cancel your flight ticket after the 24 hours of initial booking or within the 24 hours of the scheduled departure of your flight you will be eligible to get a refund.

So, this is the cancellation policy of Delta Airlines in brief for you.

How to Cancel a flight on Delta Airlines?

You can cancel a flight on Delta Airlines online and offline. You can call the Delta Airlines cancellation number and talk to a representative on phone and suggest why do you want to cancel your flight. After that, you will be asked if you want to refund your booking if applicable or you want a new ticket on another flight on the same date or future date. If you chose to change a flight you will be told the charges and if you choose to get a refund
you will be told how much. After that, the cancellation process will be completed and the refund process will be initiated after a while.

You can also cancel online and save more on cancellation. You need to use the website or mobile app of the airline for that. You can follow the below steps for cancellation of your flight online:

  1. Open the website of Delta Airlines.
  2. Go to “My trips”.
  3. After that click on “Modify flight” and then choose “start flight cancellation”.
  4. Now you need to enter the “confirmation code” and “last name”.
  5. Now you can choose to cancel your flight after choosing the reason for it and then seeing if the cancellation fee is applicable.

This is how you can cancel your flight online using the website of Delta Airlines. But if you find any problem you can contact Delta Airlines customer care to get assistance.

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